The Author –

Anthony Gagliardi hails from Marietta, Georgia and is using this blog for a variety of reasons which you are not interested in hearing. He hopes to share stories, opinions, and things about life (both his own and in general) with others and have that which he writes reach a greater number of people. Anthony is an actor, a photographer, a writer of many mediums, a lover of all things food, a coffee and lemonade enthusiast, and really just an average guy with above average goals. He knows history is written by the victors, but is scared he’ll never be handed a pen.

The Blog –

Laurels And Lore is a label used for creative projects of mine, my brand if you will. This blog is an outlet through which I share certain, thought certainly not all, written work. As much as I enjoy the acts of writing and creating in and of themselves, I also enjoy the act of sharing and find a lot of growth can be made and found when you not only create something but put it into someone else’s hands. By changing the context in which something is “finished”, you find yourself more able to explore it. .



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