Stay Just There – National Poetry Month 2018 – 30-for-30

I’m sorry but like

I can’t talk to you right now

See I spent like a FEW months loving you

And I’m not drunk

But I’m a few beers deep

And there’s a difference

But anyways

If you could not stand so close

If you could not tell me anything deeper than how drunk you are

If you could just stay at arms length

That’d be great

Cause I’ve asked you closer

And it didn’t go well

And it just led to more empty space

And if I had a dollar for every square inch of it

I’d be rich enough to be out this bit

And please

Don’t start using those hips

They’ve killed me long enough

And your highlight poppin enough in this red light to end me

And just

Please stay


Just there enough

To not wake up everything I’ve got for you inside of me

And not to make you feel not special

But I’ve still got everything I’ve ever felt for anyone in me somewhere

That shit could wake up at any moment

But it’s taken me long enough to cut it off

And here we are

Wish I was drunker

Wish you were farther

Happy graduation though

I’m jus chillin I guess



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