Pump Pump Breathe – National Poetry Month 2018 – 30-for-30

What’s a light jog when I’ve been running for a while anyway

Been all pump pump pump

Breathe Breathe Breathe

For years really

I mean I‘ve been running this direction since the last time I rolled through Philly

I’m excited to see her again

She got a sunrise with a special place in my heart

A 13 story window somewhere that some kid that would have been older than me then but is probably younger than me now owns

And the actual girl from then isn’t no where close

But some folks are

Some folks that were around the last time my heart really felt full are already there

I actually broke past all the fears and told them I’d be coming through for real for real

And they were excited

And saying that as a fact is difficult for me

Still think it’s all pleasantries even though I know they’re too genuine for that sort of thing

But I didn’t say my head does this cause it makes sense

I didn’t say I’m running because it makes me feel good

But because I know what the burn can do

How if you keep pushing it’ll take some the pain out your chest for a chance

Get your heart working so good and fast no poison could sit in your chest long enough to do no harm no matter how hard it tried

So ya

I’m running

Won’t stop till I’ve run straight through where I’m headin

Then I’ll rest

Then I’ll say alright that was so worth it

So for now

It’s just pump





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