So Good I Haven’t Said Great – National Poetry Month – 4/1

I miss my dog

Like almost-cried-about-it-miss

Like I’ve cried about it but never got it all out

All I’ve ever had faith in is fluff

But like I ain’t got that no more so I ain’t got much

And sometimes that’s enough to make me not do nothing

Enough to make me cry like I could ever get it all out

No more walks to take when you ain’t got no fluff

No more ways to just go and think

Talk to someone who ain’t judge nothing

Who just wants to know they’re loved as much as you do

Like me and my dog ain’t so different

Just give us a hand

Don’t say no mean shit at us

Don’t give no reason to doubt we got something

Me and Buddy

We the same kind of folk

We besties

We a boy and his dog kind of close

That’s my boy

And he was so good

So so good I ain’t used the word great

Sine he ain’t no more


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