Stretching the Song – National Poetry Month – 4/10

I’m so sorry

If i’m reading this book all wrong

I’ve been flipping pages

And I swear the song they make could’ve been our song

I can’t help the way I fall

I’ve got a Pinball for a heart

But you’re the first girl in a while

To put a quarter in the slot

Sure I’ve known plenty of hands

But they tend to skip that part

But still, I’ve read this book

Played this game

I know time is almost up

But until it is just hold my gaze

Don’t look down or up

And if I cry

Know each tear is a day I pictured us together

And every other

is a year of them

I’ve given up


You take my breath away

I’ve bit my tongue

Hoping to stretch this out even just a little ways

But even if you left right now

I wouldn’t call it a waste

If the flower was too much

I hope you at least thought the color was in good taste

And that it wasn’t overkill when I left it for you in glass


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