Decatur Ain’t My Spot – National Poetry Month – 4/9

Decatur always been good to me

A long drive, but my love has always come with at least a few mile markes.

I’m starting to think it ain’t my spot though

Not that I ever did

But I’m just thinking now more so that it aint

There’s something here though

And maybe that’s why I’m always showing back up

I’ve always been the one willing to go out of their way for the things they love

And for a while that seemed noble

But I’m running out of gas money

So perhaps in the next chapter

I go out of my way to build something with what I love

So no one else has to just to get there

Decatur been good to me

But these days I ain’t much of a player

But a bulldawg

and I’m slamming my way back to the classic city


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