Musical Theatre Love Poem – National Poetry Month – 4/8

I’d carry a bomb out to the football field for you my love

I could make it Beautiful too

Full of beats and melodies

I’d belt my final verse for you, and actually hit the notes for the first time in my life,

Just to sing my last words almost falsetto soft

Then I’d slip into the river and go swimming off into the sunset

Gills, fins, and all

The chorus singing me out

But then I’d jump out of the water

Backflip through the air

Landing center stage

Hitting my mark perfectly

As a spotlight hits me

Dripping wet,

In a full tux

Everything stops

and I snap four times

On the last, my head whips towards you

And I reach out my hand

You take it

I spin you

And suddenly we are all black and sequin and that jazz

The whole stage, steamy

The river straight up evaporating away

But not before I grab my gondola

Cover my face

And say hop in

We take our exit

Not to the catacombs

But out to the stream

and the woods

And by the brook you stop to drink

But I say there ain’t no need

Cause with you girl I could already last forever

So we take off

Going deeper still through the trees

To find, to have, to get, to keep

And home before dark

And ya maybe it takes two

But it can be us, and only us

But not yet

Because that’s all Act 2 material

Right now

My blocking doesn’t even have me on stage with you

Cause I’m outside and in the rain

On my own

And that’s ok

That’s where I need to be right now

I’ll get to you by intermission

Just meet me at the dance in the gym,

At the opera,

The circus

On a bridge in whatever country you like as long as it isn’t in Ohio

And trust me

There’s a duet waiting for us that I don’t even know the words to yet

But I got time

Cause you’ve still got a solo left

So sing it

Like no one is watching

Because they are

But this whole world’s a stage

All of us merely actors

But as far as I’m concerned

My whole world is in black out right now

Save a single spotlight

And girl,

You always knew how to hit your mark


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