How You Just – National Poetry Month 2018 – 30-for-30

How do people

Go home with people 


Like how that JUST happen

How you just be dancin

Then end up in bed

How you just dance

How you just drink

How you just be doin shit and not think about it?

How you just not think?

How you not think

Not think



For just a moment

Just a minute

Just a drink

Just a dance

Nah fr 

I’ve tried and

I’m tired

I’m so tired of this shit

I’m ready to just

To just not





How you do that


Stay Just There – National Poetry Month 2018 – 30-for-30

I’m sorry but like

I can’t talk to you right now

See I spent like a FEW months loving you

And I’m not drunk

But I’m a few beers deep

And there’s a difference

But anyways

If you could not stand so close

If you could not tell me anything deeper than how drunk you are

If you could just stay at arms length

That’d be great

Cause I’ve asked you closer

And it didn’t go well

And it just led to more empty space

And if I had a dollar for every square inch of it

I’d be rich enough to be out this bit

And please

Don’t start using those hips

They’ve killed me long enough

And your highlight poppin enough in this red light to end me

And just

Please stay


Just there enough

To not wake up everything I’ve got for you inside of me

And not to make you feel not special

But I’ve still got everything I’ve ever felt for anyone in me somewhere

That shit could wake up at any moment

But it’s taken me long enough to cut it off

And here we are

Wish I was drunker

Wish you were farther

Happy graduation though

I’m jus chillin I guess


Royal You – National Poetry Month 2018 – 30-for-30

I know I’ve been pretty behind

But stay with me here




If you don’t

Then what will I do


If you go


Then hasn’t every one gone

The royal You is all I can rely on


I write like someone is listening to me


I didn’t even always know 2nd person was a thing


But now I use it too often probably

Know what I mean?


You’re royal in all my poems

You’re the only blood that matters

You’re the only reason I write


Stay with me

Because if you don’t

I don’t think any of my pens will either

Then I’m just a boy with empty hands

Ain’t nobody wanna hold them
except You

Got Mail – National Poetry Month 2018 – 30-for-30

People stay sending me emails like I asked for them

And maybe I did at some point

But I’ve seen more poetry in the last few hours than few days

And this is when it all comes pouring out

All comes spilling and flowing

Because if poets are anything

They’re those who lived and bothered to bother with words while they were at it

And those who didn’t

Poets and Po-nots

So me (my friends) and everyone else

My idols are my friends

My friends are my idols

And here I am

Left with another example of falling in love

Cause I haven’t seen you once and thought anything else

God how you spread

All over and everywhere


Pump Pump Breathe – National Poetry Month 2018 – 30-for-30

What’s a light jog when I’ve been running for a while anyway

Been all pump pump pump

Breathe Breathe Breathe

For years really

I mean I‘ve been running this direction since the last time I rolled through Philly

I’m excited to see her again

She got a sunrise with a special place in my heart

A 13 story window somewhere that some kid that would have been older than me then but is probably younger than me now owns

And the actual girl from then isn’t no where close

But some folks are

Some folks that were around the last time my heart really felt full are already there

I actually broke past all the fears and told them I’d be coming through for real for real

And they were excited

And saying that as a fact is difficult for me

Still think it’s all pleasantries even though I know they’re too genuine for that sort of thing

But I didn’t say my head does this cause it makes sense

I didn’t say I’m running because it makes me feel good

But because I know what the burn can do

How if you keep pushing it’ll take some the pain out your chest for a chance

Get your heart working so good and fast no poison could sit in your chest long enough to do no harm no matter how hard it tried

So ya

I’m running

Won’t stop till I’ve run straight through where I’m headin

Then I’ll rest

Then I’ll say alright that was so worth it

So for now

It’s just pump




Behind – National Poetry Month 2018 – 30-for-30

Behind is where everything really starts

When you think about it

Like now is a before that hasn’t become itself yet

I almost came out to the world then slick changed my mind

Made my mama hold me for like I don’t even know how much longer

Still curl up in her lap sometimes cause I’m grown but I ain’t nothing but her boy

Was my Grand Ma’s too

She always said so everytime I saw her and it’s that sound I’ll miss most

It wasn’t that I never pictured a world

Without those I’ve lost

It’s that I’m always doing it with those I will

Even before I know who they are

So just everyone

So when they go

It’s just a matter of which imagined world will become reality

When my grandma went

It was the one where I didn’t know until I was in the door hugging everyone hello

The one where my dad says it as simply as he can

And I go off to cry

Come back

Take out a bag of coffee and realize I’m now living a life where I never made my grandmother a cup of espresso

And then that really gets me

And then I’m just by myself in my room

Crying cause I ain’t made it like I thought I did

Really the world without my grandmother

Started in the world with her

She stood in front of the world’s largest tank and said

“this is why you have to believe in God”

And I hoped I’d never forget hearing her say that

And in that moment

She was already gone

In that moment before it was already the life I’ve lived since

The life I’m living now

Is before


I wrote “behind is where everything really starts”

And before that I started my life behind

Haven’t caught up since

And before I do

I’m already dead

So Good I Haven’t Said Great – National Poetry Month – 4/1

I miss my dog

Like almost-cried-about-it-miss

Like I’ve cried about it but never got it all out

All I’ve ever had faith in is fluff

But like I ain’t got that no more so I ain’t got much

And sometimes that’s enough to make me not do nothing

Enough to make me cry like I could ever get it all out

No more walks to take when you ain’t got no fluff

No more ways to just go and think

Talk to someone who ain’t judge nothing

Who just wants to know they’re loved as much as you do

Like me and my dog ain’t so different

Just give us a hand

Don’t say no mean shit at us

Don’t give no reason to doubt we got something

Me and Buddy

We the same kind of folk

We besties

We a boy and his dog kind of close

That’s my boy

And he was so good

So so good I ain’t used the word great

Sine he ain’t no more